Consulting services

In today’s business world it is very hard to imagine an organization or a company without an IT infrastructure staying behind it. Very often it is a core of the particular entity and defines all the activities undertaken by all its employees across all the departments.

The stability and health of this core is essential for the effectiveness of the whole organism and very often directly translates into success or failure of the particular project. Taking this into consideration, our consultants, based on a practical experience gained during execution of various projects for both governmental and private organizations across the world provide services of IT consulting and advice.

We lead our customers throughout the whole lifecycle of an IT system - starting from planning and design, integration, implementation and transition, to service operations and change management.

Provided services

Among other services, we help to:

Analyze existing processes and a functional maturity level of It infrastructure

Analyze customer’s requirements and translate them into a roadmap between existing and goal target architecture

Analyze overall security of the IT infrastructure and mitigate potential threats and security gaps before they turn into a security breach

Analyze faults and performance bottlenecks within existing infrastructure

Audit delivery of IT-related projects performed by customer’s partners

Create long term strategy and vision of future development of the IT infrastructure

Inventory the existing infrastructure

Provided services are tailored for the needs of every particular customer. Our consultants bring in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, altogether with a visibility over the most current solutions available for IT.

Implementation services

SHIMI offers a wide range of solutions and services with varying degrees of sophistication.

We help you choose the solution that best suits the needs of the client and at the same time it was adjusted to the budget that the company has at its disposal. Each completed implementation allows for further development of the solution at an agreed later date.

We offer consultancy in the field of computerization of companies, implementation of ready-made IT systems, integration of IT systems or consulting in the selection of computer hardware.

Our specialists are responsible for the implementation of solutions by our specialists with many years of experience in implementing and migrating systems and IT applications. Our consultants implemented projects for such clients as: Citibank, Bank Handlowy, Frontex, etc.


The effective functioning of the company, regardless of its size or industry, building a positive image among clients and business partners requires a maximum focus on thestrategic activities. Maintaining it with your own strength at a sufficiently high level requires significant financial expenditures.

On the other hand, delegating those competences to the external partners raises a number of concerns. IT services, which require specific knowledge, constant improvement of qualifications, expensive equipment and provison of the necessary tools, are the area, that is worth to be transferred to the specialists who do not have to put additional burden the company's HR department. This is the key business area and the strategic activity of SHIMI.

Our strength is a team of competent specialists with extensive experience and vast technical knowledge, supported by many certificates of leading manufacturers and organizations, who are able to effectively support the customer's team in the implementation of the objectives and in the maintenance of the IT infrastructur


Security holes in company’s information systems can lead to serious security incidents that can be followed by severe consequences from both financial and reputational impact points of view.

Our specialists have a wide range of IT security skills, proved by both years of experience in the implementation and audits of security policies as well as the certificates of market’s leading manufacturers and independent certification bodies such as: ISC2, NSF, ISACA.

We offer support in the field of penetration testing, audit of the existing solutions and the preparation and implementation of security policies and technical solutions in order to minimize threats and the attack surface of the infrastructure

Our consultants worked for

 Microsoft Consulting Services Belgium
 IBM Belgium
AIRBUS Space and Defense
Frontex Agency
 Instytut Łączności
BRE Bank
Asseco Poland
ABC Data
Action CE
Integral Technologies
Altkom Akademia
CKR Konstancin
Acnet Sp. z o.o.



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